The Trend Researcher’s Playlist

If you want to recognize emerging trends, there are many skills you need to foster. These TED-talks provide you with valuable knowledge and inspiration to nourish your trend radar.

The Human Insight Missing from Big Data – Tricia Wang​

In this TED-Talk, Tricia Wang gives exciting insights into her work as a Tech-Ethnographer and explains why numbers won’t give you certainty.

3 Ways to Plan for the (Very) Long Term– Ari Wallach​

Planning for the long term is scary – but more important than ever. Ari Wallach presents three ways to start thinking ahead.

Why We Need to Imagine Different Futures – Anab Jain​

With her studio Superflux, Anab Jain explores the future. In this TED-Talk she explains how they make possible scenarios tangible.

Architecture for the People by the People – Alastair Parvin​

The inspiring story from WikiHouses by Alastair Parvin shows how doing things in a different way can create great value.

10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation – Celeste Headlee​

You can’t do research without good listening skills. Get some tips on how to improve (we all need to!) from Celeste Headlee in her TED-Talk.