On- and offline trainings that spark creativity and actively engage your team in innovation processes.

Customized workshops to explore undiscovered market potential or stress-test existing strategies.

(Re-)Define your unique value proposition and streamline your brand communication to stay meaningful for your audience.

Train your trend radar

Learn to identify indicators of upcoming change.

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Good companies
find solutions.
Great companies
find problems.

Hello! I am Silvia, a creative brand strategist.

I enable brands, entrepreneurs and teams to embrace the innovative potential of trends and societal change.

Trend-driven and

Get actionable knowledge and tailored strategies to reach your goals:

  • Position your brand and resonate with your desired audience.
  • Align your purpose within your team.
  • Enter new markets and develop meaningful products.

Discover your brand's potential!

Drop me a line and tell me about your challenge!



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Project allies

The fuel to my work are partnerships with inspiring communities and highly skilled experts at the intersection of design, entrepreneurship, and social good.